The Labyrinth

Oh, but you see we’re all mad here. Even you! Oh, I see the doubt in your eye. I see you clinging to all the little lies that make you safe. You’re telling yourself: No! Not me! I’m an individual. I’m unique! All of these strange, sad old men shuffling about behaving as automatons would…I’m […] Read More

Industrial Revolution

During the 90’s the relentless factory rhythms of industrial music were the soundtrack of my youth. Bands such as Chemlab, Skinny Puppy, and Front 242 played on a near constant loop in my car, my bedroom, or the headphones of my Sony Discman. In college I worked for an industrial music label, 21st Circuitry Records. […] Read More

Halo Generation

Suck blue haze through a glass analog. Burn. Boil. Hold the flame until the foil’s black. Find the angle where the angels sing. Halogen halos. Blinding white. Snowing static in the neon blur. The songs of static junkies addicted to the white out. To the crackling gaps in the bandwidth. The echo of a universe […] Read More


And we are now live! Welcome to this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL J. Ishiro Finney website.  Expect regular news, updates, and opinion posts to appear here regularly. So take a look around. Enjoy the show.  

Class: How to Write for Horror Graphic Novels

[from the 01Publishing Website] Last Friday (June 23rd) Casefile: ARKHAM writer, J. Ishiro Finney hosted a class on writing for horror comics. Sponsored by Mysterious Galaxy Books. Happily, not only did we have a wonderful turnout but there were several requests for J. Ishiro to teach more. Stay tuned for updates and scheduling. Thanks again to […] Read More