The Labyrinth

Oh, but you see we’re all mad here. Even you!

Oh, I see the doubt in your eye. I see you clinging to all the little lies that make you safe. You’re telling yourself: No! Not me! I’m an individual. I’m unique! All of these strange, sad old men shuffling about behaving as automatons would…I’m nothing like them! They repeat the same routine day after day, whispering to themselves the same silly rhymes, and doing all the crazy little things that keep their imagined world in order. They’re surely mad! But not me!

Of course, not you! You’re sane one. Above it all. Why, you’ve even been outside this labyrinth! You’ve glimpsed the puzzle from afar. You’ve seen lie for what it is!

Ha! You think you are only one?!

At one time or another we’ve all happened upon those great glass doors line in gold! We’ve all marched proudly through them. You’re nothing special, my boy! You’re just like us. You saw this prison for what it is and returned. You turned your back on the open sky and fled back to safety of these blank white walls. Back to these silly, sad old men behaving as automatons would!

Now tell me, my boy, what does one call a free man who willingly returns to his cage?

We call him mad.

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