Industrial Revolution

During the 90’s the relentless factory rhythms of industrial music were the soundtrack of my youth. Bands such as Chemlab, Skinny Puppy, and Front 242 played on a near constant loop in my car, my bedroom, or the headphones of my Sony Discman. In college I worked for an industrial music label, 21st Circuitry Records. I arranged shows, scouted bands, and even did a stint for the now infamous zine, Industrial Nation.

My first writing gig.

A few decades later and my hair is a little grayer, my glasses a little thicker, but my listening habits have remained the same. Sadly though, by the end of the 1990s industrial music had gone stale. The best bands broke up, or succumb to the bodily abuse that comes with the rockstar lifestyle. Some went crazy, others lost their muse. Some traded in their creativity for an expensive drug a habit. A few chased that dragon right into the grave.

During the first decade of the new millennium a new generation of bands rushed in to fill the void. Raised on a steady diet of club music and club culture, industrial was warped into a brain dead cybergoth fashion show that was more Hot Topics than Wax Trax. Or put bluntly, the new industrial sucked…

Welcome to the “new” industrial. Embrace the suck.

Then something happened around 2010. Maybe it was the rise of 80s nostalgia . Maybe it was a new generation of talent discovering the classics of industrial music’s golden age. But a new crop of bands have surfaced that are as good as (and occasionally better) than their influences.

Here’s a few samples of what’s inhabiting my iPod these days.


NOTE: If you enjoy any of these songs, PLEASE support the artist by PURCHASING their music. Piracy kills careers. And if you hate iTunes, try That’s where I buy all my music from these days.

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