“Live from New York it’s…”

OR: how my mom tried to kill me with Adam Sandler movies. Last week Patrick & I joined the guys at the Canned Air Podcast to discuss the impact Saturday Night Live had on us growing up, as well as some talk about Casefile Arkham series. In the first half hour we discuss the classic SNL, […] Read More

The Darkest of Life Lessons

What’s it like to be shot? To nearly die? To live and work as author with chronic nightmares and post-traumatic stress? To say the This Is Horror Podcast took some strange and very dark turns when they interviewed me recently would understatement. I’m sure at some point we intended to talk more about my work, […] Read More

“I’m too lazy to be a serial killer…”

TraCee, the mastermind behind Chicago’s SCRM Radio, said this to Patrick and I shortly after introducing herself. Then she went on to describe in meticulous detail the many ways to kill people and get away with it, then added, “You know, but that’s just too much damn work. So I just think about it at […] Read More

Lovecraft, Nietzsche, & Casefile: Arkham.

The following is an excerpt from my interview with Vampire Squid magazine. In it I discuss the philosophical crossroads where the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and Friedrich Nietzsche meet, and how it influenced the creation of Casefile: Arkham. There is a rich and long-running tradition of fiction inspired by Lovecraft’s stories. Why do you think his […] Read More


You can’t see me right now, but I’m smiling. It’s because of you. The first week of sales for the print edition of Casefile: Arkham vol.2 has come to an end and already Amazon had requested a second re-order of stock. Likewise, vol.1 has seen a surge in sales, too. So to all the fans, […] Read More