A letter to the boys & young men of America.

A response to the mass shooting in Florida. The bodies aren’t even cold yet and already you are being blamed. Yes you. All of you. The boys and young men who will grow up to become one half of America’s future. Once again, due to society’s failure to raise you, to teach you, to properly […] Read More


CASEFILE: ARKHAM Vol. 2 is now available for on Amazon Kindle. Read it now digitally, or pre-order the print edition which will hit store shelves on March 5th! MORE ABOUT THE BOOK: In a city where every shadow hides a dark secret, it’s hard to know who your friends are. Harder still, to know who to […] Read More


Often called, “the most terrifying two hours and twelve minutes put to film,” the 1973 horror classic, The Exorcist, is without question the most visceral portrayal of demonic possession ever shown. It’s narrative of an innocent child tortured from within by a demon continues to shock, unnerve, and utterly scare the hell out of audiences […] Read More

I was interrupted by a “REAL” ghost hunter (podcast interview)

Listen to “CaseFile Arkham – Sin City meets Lovecraft” on Spreaker. Without a doubt, my recently appearance on the Dedman’s Tome Radio Podcast was by far the weirdest (and funniest) interview I’ve ever had. Especially when mid-show a “real” ghost hunter phoned in and tried to hijack the show. Listen for when I ask about the […] Read More


OR: How post-traumatic stress & a near-death experience created a horror fan. Perhaps the most common question I get not only from press, but friends and family alike is: Why horror? Why write it? Why read it? Why consume it? From family, the question is always tinged with an air of, “What the hell is […] Read More

Sexbots & Virtual Girls: A Conversation

The relationships that may one day form between humans and thinking machines has long fascinated me. Ever since seeing the film adaptation of Arthur C. Clark’s 2010 as a boy, the kinship Doctor Chandra shared with the movie’s two A.I.s, H.A.L. and S.A.L., left a lasting impression on me. With human/machine relations now beginning to […] Read More

Saving Comics with Vox Day & Ethan Van Sciver?

“How do we save comics?” It’s been a long time since I last heard that question, much less thought about it. But thanks to a recent collision of press, politics, and online personalities, once again the age old topic of “saving comics” is again dominated social media feeds. Plenty of verbiage has been spilled and […] Read More


Taste the silky blue moon juice bled from the heads of burned out dreamers mainlined on the echoes of creation. Does this moment seem a little too sweet? It’s because the cotton candy web of space-time was cut with sugar substitutes. Pull long pink strings of sound from the æther and wrap it around you […] Read More


You walked through life as though the spotlight eternally shined on you. You were glorious. You were fabulous. You were the latest “it” thing. Other were burned by the glare of your own solipsism. But they were extras. Nobodies. Bit players and hacks. People whose lot in life was to fill the roles you had assigned […] Read More

REVIEW: The Last Fembot by KT McColl

Every once in a great while a story emerges that breaks the mold and really challenges readers. The Last Fembot by KT McColl is one of those books. Set in some unspecified time in the future of an America that’s gone disastrously wrong, McColl offers a glimpse of a dystopian society rarely seen in serious fiction—that […] Read More